FlyingHigh for Saudi Arabia Level1. Simon Brewster Paul Davies Mickey Rogers. 1. 01/05/ FlyingHigh for Saudi Arabia Level1. Simon Brewster Paul Davies Mickey Rogers. Contents UNIT. 1 2. Travel. Page 6. LESSONS. GRAMMAR. 1 Vacations 2. Flying High for Saudi Arabia is an exciting six-level topic-based course for secondary school students. It is based on several years of extensive research and.

Flying High For Saudi Arabia Level 1 Students Book

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Lesson 4 Around town. 4. Lifeline to urban planning 1 Speaking a In pairs, look at map A. Add: 1 2 3 4. A. an airport a park a swimming pool a. Flying High for Saudi Arabia is an exciting six-level topic-based course Within a unit, Lesson 1 focuses on Access, Lessons 2 and 3 on Analysis, and Lesson. Flying High for Saudi Arabia. Student's book 5. _Flying High SB5 pp indd 1. 11/05/

Mohammad Yunus. Make a list of heroes you know and discuss why you think they are heroes. What are some of their personality traits? Compare your list with the rest of the class. Layan was born on November He works at the bank. Use information from the form. I was born in Dammam on July 3, How are you?

Yesterday there was a fair where all the clubs and societies explained what they do, and how you can become a member. MuM: Mmm, that sounds interesting. Did you join any? MuM: Oh! Which ones?

MuM: The Italian Society? And sometimes they do these foodtasting evenings, you know, when they do special Italian dishes. I love Italian food! And what was the other club? MuM: Mountaineering? But they do special weekend trips away. Mum, relax!


Boy 2: No, you know I play tennis? Well I went along to a meeting for the tennis team and they said I was good enough to join. But they practise every evening between 6 and 8. Boy 1: So? Boy 1: You know what? You have to find a balance, you know. Too much work can be a very bad thing! Boy 2: Hmm, you know what? Students discuss the questions.

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In a less confident class, students could write notes before participating in this speaking activity. Example opinions I think extra-curricular activities help you relax and enjoy being at university, so they are good for your studies. I think some extra-curricular activities can take up too much time. You have to be careful to have enough time to study. E 5 Additional activity Students choose an extra-curricular activity they would like to do and persuade their partner to join them.

How about joining 1 with me?

A: They …. Come on. Final destination Grammar builder: He plays golf on the weekends. I usually eat toast for breakfast. This is a nice place. With a friend and his family. Write the names of the places. They are all in the word square in exercise 1a. You look at very old objects here. The bank is across from the auditorium. Complete the sentences with on the corner of, on, next to, or across from. Plans for the weekend Grammar builder: Use the imperative form of the verb to give instructions, for example, giving directions.

The affirmative form: Take the bus. Meet me at 2: The negative form: I have to work. Do you want to. Airport problems Grammar builder: Countable nouns have a singular and plural form. Uncountable nouns do not have a plural form. Countable Uncountable There is one shirt. There are two blouses. There is some soap. Are the words in the list countable or uncountable?

Write C countable or U uncountable. We use some or any with plural countable or uncountable nouns. We use some in affirmative sentences and any in negative sentences. We can use some or any in questions. There is a book on the table. There are some jeans in the suitcase. There is some money in my wallet.

Oh, yes. That explains it. Bon appetit! Lesson 1 d What food do you like? Complete the conversation. Choose words from the list below and write them in the spaces.

Main courses Vegetables Desserts Beverages. Use would like to express want in a polite way. The form is the same for all persons. I You would like a drink.

Language assistant Notice the usual response forms to an offer made with Would you like: Would you like a cup of tea? Yes, please. G 1 Can I see the menu, please?

Would you like to sit here? Use were with you, we, they. Was the food good? The subject is in parentheses. What was your favorite restaurant? Is the service good?

The guests are great! Was the service good? The guests were great! Answer the questions about you. Use the information in the table. Place of birth: Date of birth: After several years of study his paintings were famous, and Leonardo went to work for the Duke of Milan in Leonardo stayed in Milan for 17 years, where he wrote on many subjects including medicine, physics, mathematics and the design of buildings.

In Leonardo returned to Florence to continue his writing and painting, and in he started work on his most famous painting, the Mona Lisa. He took it with him everywhere he went until he finished it a few years later. This is now one of the most famous paintings in the world, because of the mysterious smile. While in Florence, he also made many designs for flying machines, including one that looks a modern helicopter! In he moved to France and lived in a big house that the King gave to him, where he continued to think and write about science.

He died in Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest artists and scientists in history. Life changes Grammar builder: Use the past simple to talk about completed past events. They are growing up very fast! Truth and knowledge Grammar builder: For regular and irregular verbs use: Where did When did What did. The verb be is different.

Where was she? Who were the children? I went to a henna night. Oh, traditional food and lots of mint tea. I got home around I had an exam the next day. In he wrote a book about arithmetic and described a system of numbers developed in India. This word is now one of the most important words in science and maths. The word algebra also comes from the title of another famous book. Europeans know him as Avicenna. He was born in and died at the age of 56 in He was a scientist and a physician doctor.

His most famous books are the Book of Healing and the Canon of Medicine. The second book became the most important book for doctors across the world.

It is even used today! He studied in the USA in the early s and then worked on the Apollo Space program from until He also worked in desert research and helped many countries in the middle-east develop programs to turn deserts into land that can be used for farming. Think of a famous person and write a short paragraph about them. Use the verbs in the box in the past simple form. He was very busy. Write sentences about his activities. Jones about vacation work in the office have lunch with Geoff work in the office read final copy of advertisement meet with Mark about budget go home meet Richard play tennis.

He went to work at 8 a. Famous lives Grammar builder: Past simple questions are formed with did. The verb be is different — there is no auxiliary did. Yes, I Did she like the painting?

No, she they eat the food? Jones see the dentist? Use short answers. Read the article and write the names of the days on the map, next to the correct place.

When I got home, I read the newspaper for a couple of hours.

On Thursday, I went to Warrington for a history conference and met some old friends — it was great to see them. I went down to Exeter for a meeting on Friday and stayed there for the night. Saturday, I signed copies of my book at a book store in London and went to dinner with the manager of the store. On Sunday, I went to some museums in London — there was a great exhibition about ancient Greece. When I got home I sat in my chair, listened to the radio and relaxed!

Epic journey Grammar builder: John went to London. Write the questions. Use the underlined words for the question word. Acme Computers financed the journey. We went to Tokyo. We flew.

Our children Ted and Pete. The flight was about 18 hours. Yes, we enjoyed it a lot.

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Are they associated with weddings, funerals, or both? Complete the spidergram.

Write three sentences about your own experiences. Put the story in the correct order. Now Reda is a very close friend of Amin and his family. So one day his father took him out to a parking lot to practice.

Making plans Grammar builder: Use going to for definite future plans.

Put the words in the correct order to form sentences. Then form questions about them using the words in parentheses.Student A is the passenger; Student B is the airport official. Really happy.

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What are the advantages of telecommuting? Compare your list with a classmate.

I hate downloading gifts for everyone when we go on vacation. Write the food groups in the correct places on the triangle. London is famous for its much historic buildings and museums. Unit 3 Shop in the local markets.