PDF | We investigated the structure and diversity of diatoms in estructura de las comunidades de diatomeas del perifiton y el metafiton en un. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Struktur Komunitas Alga Perifiton pada Ekosistem Mangrove di Kecamatan Tugu, Semarang | Algal periphyton is one of . las variables fisicoquímicas y se obtuvieron muestras de perifiton para evaluar la comunidad

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The PDF file you selected should load here if your Web browser has a PDF reader plug-in installed (for example, a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader). relacionamentos entre as densidades do perifiton e da deriva quando Palavras-chave: perifiton, deriva, córrego, Cocconeis placentula var. euglypta. 1. una de las especies (factores autógenos) en este embalse tropical somero. Palabras clave: Sustrato artificial, diversidad, perifíton, composición.

The internal openings are sessile.

The term rimoportulae "papilliformis" is proposed for this new structure. The margin of the valve is undulated and presents a ring of sessile rimoportulae and spines irregularly arranged. Comparisions between the monospecific genus Margaritum and other related genera Podosira and Hyalodiscus , and its systematic positioning are made.

The centric marine diatom Margaritum terebro. Samples were preserved with buffered Leuduger-Fortmorel H. Permanent Margaritum by Moreira-Filho based on the slides were prepared using Permount as the presence of "pearl shaped" structures or mounting media. Light microscopy LM was "hemispheres" on the external surface of the valve; performed with an Olympus BX40 microscope they do not occur in other genera, including those using x oil immersion objective.

In , Dr.

Dallas Hanna from the dried onto coverslips and mounted on aluminium California Academy ofSciences and Dr. Hendey stubs with conductive paint, coated with gold sent letters to Dr.

Moreira-Filho to express the 20 nm thick and examined at Kv acceptance of Dr. Moreira-Fi1ho's proposal of the acce1erating vo1tage in a Phillips model XL30 new genus. As pointed out by Hendey , the scanning e1ectronmicroscope. Ross et ai. Margaritum terebro is an estuarine species that has been recorded a10ngthe southeast coast of Brazil Moreira-Filho, ; Souza-Mosimann, ; Fernandes et aI. These fmdings suggest that the species is Division Bacillariophyta restricted to tropical regions.

Until now, Genus Margaritum H.

Moreira its position in the classification of Round et aI. Species M. Moreira surface and the cingulum structure were not described. Description LM: Cells are spherical; plastids Recently, periphyton samples collected in are disk-like and circular.

Radial rows of areolae are visible under conveniently in higher taxonomic categories. The Phase-contrast illumination Fig. Valvar relationships between Margaritum and related margin thick, forming an undulation separated genera such as Podosira and Hyalodiscus are also bya concavity Fig. Valve is convex; valvar surface provided of small hollow spines Figs External projections of rimoportulae Material and methods are arranged in concentric diagonal rows Figs The valvar margin Fig.

Areolae loculate lacking rotae, non- presents a thickened undulation projected outward bululate Fig.


The valvar edge is thickened, and includes a ring of rimoportulae lacking external slight1y concave, and its borders show a small projections Figs 4,6,9. The internal valvar surface groove. Cingulum is composed of narrow possesses openings of rimoportulae and foramina bands. Each copula is formed by a longitudinal Figs The foramina are circular with slight1y smooth ring and numerous longitudinal pores thickened edges, and arranged in radial rows Figs Figs ; ligulae were not observed.

As the basal siliceous layer is thickened, the foramina clearly form elongated channels through it Figs 1 - 3. Margaritum terebro, Light microscope, valve views. Upper focus showing rimoportulae papilliformis and disposition of spines. Upper focus under phase-contrast. Lower focus showing a side view of the rimoportulae near the margin. Margaritum terebro, SEM, external views. Lateral view ofthe ITustule.

Valvar diameter is slightIy larger than pervalvar axis. Arrowhead indicates the undulation of the valve. Oblique orientation of a valve illustrating the disposition of the rimoportulae. Oetail ofan undulation showing two sessile external apertures ofrimoportulae arrowheads. Note the spines on the surfuce. White arrowhead indicates a broken spine. Morphology ofrimoportulae on the externa I side. Each projection is approximately polygonal with a central aperture.

Many reITingent spines are scattered over the valve.

Oetail ofan intact cingulum showing four bands. Lateral view ofa fi-ustule to show the cingulum and undulations of the valves. Arrowheads and white arrows indicate the undulations bearing sessile apertures of rimoportulae. Margaritum terebro, SEM, internal view.

General view of the valve. Detail ofthe valvar margin with three rimoportulae aligned to form a ring arrowheads. Note areolae in radial rows. Internal structure of a rimoportula. Disposition of the rimoportulae on the surface except for the valvar margin; see Fig.

Broken valve showing non-bululate areolae. Discussion and "wart-like structures" by Hendey , Pattern in Wetlands.

In Stevenson, R. Lowe eds , Algal Ecology. Freshwater Benthic Ecosystems. Academic Press.

Google Scholar Hann, B. Invertebrate grazer-periphyton interactions in a eutrophic marsh pond. Google Scholar Izaguirre, I. Gayana Botanica, in press.

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Following the development of the saprobic index by Kolkwitz and Marsson , several categorical classification systems e. The centric marine diatom Margaritum terebro.

As pointed out by Hendey , the scanning e1ectronmicroscope. Multiple regression analyses performed with the different biomass variables, revealed that a combination of physical-chemical variables could explain the variability of the biomass, both at Ciego and Montiel, confirming that it is difficult to detect a single factor affecting the periphytic community in natural systems.

Separate the sample beakers by a few inches to prevent cross-contamination in the event of overflow.