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This walkthrough will guide you through Pokemon Diamond and Pearl - in terms of gameplay, there is no difference between them. Use the menu above to jump. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl - Nintendo Power Official Strategy Guide Scan. Game Guides @ Emuparadise. Direct Download: Unforunately this file has been. you. pokemon diamond and pearl prima guide pdf - pokemon diamond and pokemon platinum official strategy guide free pdf do you have the guts to face.

Tlhese treasurevelns are illdicatell on your map by glow! If vou WilHltO kill I some ti me and' rna ke' some money maybe , pl. W'isingsta;r like OU. If you're wlllillg, grve brief ilderviews-tiley'll be broadci0. Ir you're in a group. Pok,emon ;5 all about connlectivitV. When vou're r,eadyto connect. Om e you have J nn ected to tihe Wi- FT network.

YOU ma. II' VOL! IThe'ir lewis will. U YOl. J nd iGating l! YoU can"! J rid: In [he basemen! After you su[cE': Once you have obtained a Hiend tcde, I! OU can share it with other players.

P,aI Pads manuaTIy: Players rna? OU how you perceive yourself. Once-you c: You imay also usevotce that durillgl! When you use the X Button to open [he main menu in the Union Room, you'll find a new Chat option a ths top of rhe menu.

Using he game's vocabulary s. It's good to maike friends, but be forewamed: V use the Greetcommall1dinthe Ulilion Room. A menu that'U open rontalns the foliowingmmrnunication options.

TraiflfrS greet each other by exchanging Trainer cards. If ' Ourfriend agrees, both players. On the lower screen. For more information, press tile A Button 0 see the back of a Traille r ard, witl1 a signatu re and the cersons link-trade and link-battle data.

II appear on tne tourh screen sirnu'tafle'ously. Each player's pen will have a number allowe it to shew who's I]oing what. Change colors bV tapping the colorpalene on tile bottom lIthe screen and change the line width of your pen by tapping the dots along the top. E,arn plaveH" can use only two Po'kemoll at Level 30 or under. If both IJI'ayers conf rm til. TIoY jnm frl. See "Groups a! TO illlr. Leader ami the other pa. Then each player dlOOSI!

Ie I'd ltems,. NO rest rlcr tens 2[81h5. To semi a message to anether Tr. Hece of Stationery. Give that to any PoMmon. At the Pokemon [ontl'!

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AIW missingplayerswrlllJe replac: Eachl player chooses a different berry, then they all snr til e batter at the same time. The m i xture of berries. When you meet other players in The Underground. BV steaHng Flags you can improve vour own base-don't pass up an oppor1illnity 10 de so!

Idel1 Trap a Stepping 0[1 rh. Blow the Hames aw-ay to gei free. POp the bubbles to get free, HiIiIlelra,pl fl.

(Prima 2007) - Pokemon Diamond & Pearl.pdf

Hurlli'rap up St,eppingon tills trap sends rhe victim flying upward. Move Tl'ap right Stepping on thislrap sends the vIctim fl 4ngto tml' right.

Move nap up Sleppi ng on! ReVErse Trapi S1eppi ng on! Smoke' Trapl TIl is trap releases obs! The smoke can be rubbed away. Post a PokemDn that y. Now whelilevI'rvou: You can search 'for any pokemon and specify agender or minimum level, AI11he matching Pokemon will appear,. Here's how [,0 make sense. Each sKti!

WhO'n vou can't do eVE! The letlers teHvou whkll version anhE: The mem a w. You'll also find memo boxes for newl'll introduced ,. OJ red DOX that features. S tha: Ll Defeat Lucian of the Elite Four. She'll report that your friend has called and asked you 'to visrt him at hishorne the ,buildinG tothe northwest , His so-called emergency isn't aH that urgellt so feel free til rhat with your other neighbar50! You an r,f'ar:: Your hlem: You'U take the first steps of vour journey on the short str: But that news report was about an entirelv ditr-ererlt lak!

Head we5: Bidoor is a basic physiGlI attiu: IRowan and! Jlne rs, and they have. The Poke'm'on Professor has left his br;: What would it hurt to take a ,little pe,ek ins. As you enter tile la'kefron! When the danger has passed. AfterYf uJ battle at Lake 'lfalllll". IRowan and his assistant il'ighHl. Rowan 'will 'send you north to la'ke Acuity. The combination of-Fire and Fighting types isn't worth much lNense,! If you , an summon tne coura,ge to sp,e'ak with' gruff Prot Rowan, hitB" m'ake you an ofter you can't f1efuse'..

Rowan will aHowy: HoW ali you say no? Make sure 10 stiOll' jlll,aftef the tau rl. Ttle next stop on tlle reur is the Poke mart, where your novice status wW Ilmil. O jlMjlllilliiiili. She wi[! If VOllrPOl'iemon are' in bad shape as. V,Qu're ii6O! TrailleJ wlll challenge you. IJt tile Parr!:! Df til e p lketch 0. Spea'k to til E! Ji k Claw, a held item that can g,ive any Pokemorla small shotat 'striking first in combat.

New apps are made available afleryou recetve every odd-numbered badge, so rnEK: Vou cam I: Don't for' g-etto register your location at the giant glebe! Om your! JlhiJife TV relporter. Nettled, pokem em Gll! The Ciroup F! Jrgroup lsee ti,p IOU 00 a bat1Jle. He has sh. To read.. Don't try to do it all at once; beat a few Trainers. Weary travelers may bealarmed when the exoamarion point pops up overthe guy's head al pcim 1, but there's no need to wourv-heJustwan'l: You can'ruse it for that purpose until you earn Jpeburgh Oty'sGvm Badge.

Head east to. This is primarilY' a m. He'WI [report that ttl e G. Thebase rnent floor of lE! The Dusk Ball has a much higher rate of suecess when used to catrh. You'll 'find another freebie past the museum on IDe east sidle of town. Wilen bc. It's Q,U itt! HIP gets low. Crnn1dos is a pl! Vou won't g;eHanm Roure withmJt a Bicvde.

Btlt before you rnllaw hIm to JulJilife City. The mine is: Ilge til e Gym. OUI I due-I. Oreburgh 'Trai: Your f01u'ndab'Outpath: If you can raise its f"ie! She'll give you a c!. Y all Poke men rof fue opposite gerUilBl':. Bould,ers blrJck tne sm,all. If you've earned the Coal Badge bllt hOl. Examine them to pick rheir fruit.

Jle damage, built a,lIows the attacker to eat aflY befTllf5 held bV the defendin,ll pokemonl. Grunts forth!! You"lll have tiO b: Spmk to hlm at alii! Hon eV-s 'atherf I1. Not only is, learn Galactic blociking: Po kern 0 n whos: Don'tileSllrprised i Shellos look rad'h: However, unlike Shinx. Pacnirisll I'S notable to evol'lle into more-powerful forms. J5 Etetna Forest vou'lIl'acre several powerful Irainers.

Stop in to,: The valley Windwork. LeVeI GlameQw. He's ta. DriHoon has a tJ'niQt! COllimander 'Mars. In all 01 Sinnoh. As perilous as it is' enchanting', Eterna Forest is no place for a vo,ung Trainer to tra'vei,aione. You'll begin sarh nEW battle with ,every Pokemon in good rnndltion alild at flil! II01 ut and the! After hittinglhe mal friellship Il! If you're lu[ky. This crumbl'ing mansion was aba! Q1Jiet but ellerv flOW and then No, that mlJ st have been your 'imagillatJjon The eastern chunk of Route is one' of Sin.

Eterna City isjust a'he,adt. Rater [2] Trarll: Q [RKytM. Full Restore ,. F; see the labl,e on pag,e. A Gift frem a FeUow Tra: She'll also J,10h'lt vou sast [0 a my5! Tne'onlywav to follow him is to use Cut '[Ill the trees ill front of the building, but you can't do that wi tho ut the Forest Badge.

Vi5i'l to tile tterna iIV Gym! S Ukte Krl k. Ponyta t5 alsQ on the mum'S to, the '50 uth I. Arter ac. VisiUhe Underwo. Cfel E!: She'll g! Still, Revive lsn't Vfi. Share item If y.! J"Ve seel or more Po'kemon. Missions - Rewards - - Go unde. Iigu, an ,ohject and mst Prism.! Blue Sphere 1 Bury a spbe! Base Sth t: MystIc Ge. Team' Ga',C!

VOIl batt! You'll' need HM04 Streng: Jto rO'. Coronet's north path, butvou canhutlt tor Pokemollo'l1 Routel anytime. Most travelers usetne Cycling Road' to zoom' through Rout,e so Quickly that tne never notice the cave in its shadow. The shim makes it easy 10 reach IRoute ,tM pe-dallngthe other dire-elton can be a ctlOre-fini,sli your business in Eterna City before E': They're born P,okem. Stunky is noteW1Jrthy fur its abillt'v to leam TO;': MON D.

II It's e,a. From entrance A you can read!

Miri'land valuable Hems like TM32 Do! With an exceHem asserrment. Badge at the [anaf'ave cttyGyrn, VGu'lllliJeal:! IOU slid e down til! Coronet's50um em tu nnel, whim is the gateway! As you pass berneaththe stairs at pt 3, a mV5terious man will appear. Rock Smasl1 your way east. Reaci1in,g this dose ,off INJI1 w m't bl! You'll nsed to tiS!! COlOnel see [he map 01'11 Ilage nO. On the outs,k. Don't miss the guywftll tile headband who is. TO l'eal;. Pokema'rt Antidote ,A.

ROpe 5'5. Ball Col'fIesr Hall [! H IJ use ami give p,oft! Start QV selecting a berry and checking i15 tag to 'See which stats 11 boosts. To make better Po,ffins in higher quantities, cook with, a group of triends over the DS wireless cermertion,. SIem will be known as BelJ: In impmt,lIlt tu give credit wheH: On your way into the contest l1Iall.

She'll size 'll'OI! Vllu'll need 10 earn the obbl", and F n Badges before she'll acc ptyourchallelllge. To read Wfl d floor ami speak re the woman at the table. She'll givt' vm. Co ntest liIa. Brillg a wild PO'! He'll oHeryou a Pokemon Egg.

Aliter Y! Read tihe jl! Surf outside of combat. When vou ex! YOIll'lI fin d vntilia waiting. Shl1"l1 thilllk you for YO!. You can enter Amir,r squere if yau Ii! BU neary. Your Pokemon wil! A series Orex avati: DlP tJ jUlime'r. III e iOi'! Imt it's worth ttl t' trout: If you d Gill wilflt to lake thetlmeto evolve Sta;rly. Thegoodp,eople ofSinnoh pay' trib1ute to their tall'erl. Pok,em'orJ a: RfJute 2'09's Lost Tower.

Lost Tower, but those who persevere. YOIl call fire ,It up! Balls sele. Speak to her again. Vislt him with an Unown in tile top spot of your roster; and he boy wlll give you TO free. Vou'll find me So! Put an IUnown at thetop slot of your roster when you speak to him. There ape 28 djfifer: You'll nnd myster! Follow the directions to end up in a room with the unowns' message-of peace and several rare treasures.

VolJ can: I1S C'nambi: Llnollllll take the shape of 'tters and punctuation msrks. Oot Ill!! The cafe [abi! Vou em reach CelesticTown by c: A thick f g.. Zl[ when V! V of i'lli Poke-mon attadG in combat.

Th'e shadow of Mt. Coronet ke,ep. The guy at point 2 is 11 1 excl! Vellstone lC. Spec EscaPeRo!! Hyper Potio.

(Prima 2007) - Pokemon Diamond & Pearl.pdf

H La nt. When you'll" done c. Ultra BaUs. You'll nave an opportunity to take atloser Afte, win n i! Press tlIe Y,IB. When Ie: WillIm the, moon turns red, intenljonally W3kk the wrong reel, or i1e bonus rOllnd 'Will end prematurely.

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You can't seH your coins for mom: D Then;"'s no need to spend hours at the slots to earn this nt J!! J5 IiSlen as the man at point 6 boasts about his town a bit. S waitiimg inside. Iev,el lfp YOl! II ush th e sir ding pan el: UseYIl u r Ps! Near Hie' s;atlEllite dish you'll meet a GiilflctiC i!

Jet en[f lru: Key 'fits the: Silve find heal before yol,! The rickety logs that connect island to island are too thin for teet, but you can [ross them on a bicycle. At the moment: J won't fi m: Retu rl1 he rG: MMt The maid in the room al!

No on e is su fie what's. Ver kl1ow. Daily BeW! Uke the Berry Mii6[er. However, the berries she provides ere of ompletely different varieties, and many ot iliem can protect "! This servTee isn't free. The womall at point 4 saw your rivall recentlv. The people in tlus house adore Burmy. A Burmy can [hange its "claakw to reflect its environment and will do "i0 after each battle,!

Show all three to the man in this house, and he'll reward you with a Macho Brace held item. Tne warehouse pa KagefrQm Veilstone[ity has!

A,lthottgh y0q: Bibarecl [lIP 0 0 0 Bii! Ylsirll' DIP' 0 0 0 Starly: The locals ther,e [an tell you how the Great Marsh works, find the binoculars lined up agarnst the window will give you a preview ot the marsh bV providing a quick glimpse of the Pokemolil vnu [an catch. The ereas arem shown in an'l' set order. You rarrt fight with Pokem 0 Fi h ere.

Croagunkand its Evolved farm, Toxicraak, excel at mixingpoi! Po iso ri. Cam Iviile is. It has strong offensive stats but cannot evolve. Skorupl is a ronve n: Footstep"s, House'. His words are based on the PlJkemon's.

Ilf you show him a Pokernon whose friendship has reached the max level, he'" attach a! Footprint Ri'bbonthatvou call view on the Ribbons page of the Pok'emon's Summary screen,. Whell he c. J eavesdropping. S mall neo;nrr town. IIld if! You'll next meet Ihe babbling Galacti Grunt at points, where he'll torn and fle. TIle DowsillgMachin! He'lii final I,. Whell you beat him. She ,m'! Buizel's E. You'll land on a h! Qrrtm' 6illaiti, GlUm. D], I5rn: I esrtc TOWn pok: Sinl1oh's history and hand over 'IiMQ3 Surf.

When you leave t he rui ns, yell.. You d orr! There isn't a Pokemart ill 'eles'lic Town, but yOil ail p! Kno ko,u! Cynthia's gfaleM g: J 10 [king. III single version of'lhe gam. Surffrom tbe bridge at Route e'ast 0. F oarom,a Town and follow: UI l1li10 PM!

DIP 0 0 ,0. YOllrgoalll1 the ironworksis to reach Mr. To do 50, you'll need t H: I hit a waH. CliIlI4Mi Mr. The mall ill tile home at point 1 runs 'tiis own private lottery.

Pal P;1rk is still under rcnstruction. Don't delav this Evolution. R Flnneml D! Ships sail' daily from' here to a l1um. It allows a Pokem on to swap il oi lit! Heal a: S5 tli;ie nanal, You, rival hasadrle. The ;mal ave ity 'Gym is fu Ii of'rising and sliding I Ifts: Against the mostly Oni c-pac.

PokEmon 'will make: Follow him north to theCaniJ: Rowan and hls assistant, The professor is il'lterl!

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Search inside document. Socialite Machika Oehl. I Abl: Utles Natureaod rCharacter: R,owanis out tc c: Is LButtun tn the default control scheme. BD ltan The' B Button cancels a menu sel'ection, returning you tothe previous menu. It will also be added to the' 'Orr Originalli'rainer field of any Pokemon you catch. Your Rival Yom! A 1nI: Gmpeti'tor Your rivai is always looking toone-up you, ami early in the' game hE' will cheese whldlevef Pokemon starter has a tWle ad,vil.

J1 in unexpected pi acesl 1hay ,MYIa' rIlfdent b:: Iwan pWf. Trainer Camarad. The Cast of Cbaracters, Team Galactic is" a mysterious group of Trainers with a mllitary"styte power structure.

GettUq;dleOlhlr ' astarters The! You can't go wm ng wit h a ny of th em. Blaze Egg: Field I Humilmm-Like Size: Speed ';i! Pilllup -- 1.! PlpilP Type: You'lll find' 1'1 patch 01 wet marshland mlR: Qu'li en ro w! Po'kemon Battles The Funllamenta 5 of Poke. Run Che IRun to anamptto flee fmm a battle against wiid Po'kemof1. MovlS Have rypes Too tach Pokemon move also has a type. Moves that invollvestrikll1ga.

Attack stat,.. The h. IMultipliers nampl: Special moves derive their power from the user's. There are three main ways in which they can then learn new moves: From i! Weathe,r M. Moves Moves like L1! Conf1is-lon and TIrIc: Encore' forces an opposing Pokemon to r'epeat its last its atta[: Heal Pl wder, tava Cookie, Lum serrv.

Old Gareau. SmeJlingsalt Pois'on Antidote. Wake-Up Slap. Battle Swikhingout your active PokemOIl wastes a tum. Offensive SWitch'log A wen-made team should include at least one Pokemoll w,ith all advantage against arw given type. Defensive SWitching When a rrurlsl Pok: DOlbe Battles So me Tr,ainers bil. I Muve EHe. It y Jur pokemon has the Bad Dreams ability; tou'li deal sven more damage to voulr s1umbering foe, Belly Dl1um.

Follow' Me andllFoms Ponch! Ciou, status, Conditions, land Fat: Pokeman Battles J cah: Catch Pokemonl The basic method of catch Jill: Where tl1ewUd Pokemon R. Oant You'll em: II tall Grass.. A 'U11d lIRfii.. J3Irm I ntreases ih e chance If met'ti: ECi tm: New Stuff Everywhere!

Standard Elperlena mM! Divlslan Ifth. Points based 0 n the nu maar of steps vou tak.. Pms,udlcons of Eva. IYI to Complete lie Po.

Held ltens 1bat Help Evolution ovam: Stone Fri ndsblp h. Area-Basedlnrutlo particularly filnicky Poke. Abilities MallY Abilities now work outside of battle. P"dOIp ,f'.. Abilities Many Abilities will alter the stilts of Pokemon on thefleld. Benefits an Drawll'adlS of 'atum Natu.

Use the ollede" to lOcate Elul, e Poke. Use the Poke: I-Baianced"okilftonlleam When I'lxpl,orin. An'Effediveleam The P rinplu p-led team to the rigMca. The' e. SWeet Sl!: Rain Rain falls often in Slnnoh, which makes life ea5',! Some 1 I,v,es ilre: Seeker Tile Vs. Ite s Expert 'Trainers ke,ep an aS50rtm'ent ot useful gear in: A Bag ortlly 01 a H: Finding Trs'lSures Iv! Item O,se in Battle OHt.. Poti'ons Tilerl? Berrl'es thai CUfe ,status C. LU m serrv Ch,eri Berrv, tum B!

Berry plants and 50ft: Sail You'll lnd most berries bvsimply picking them off of pi ants. TeP The P'oketch can put doze'ns of's;mple apps ,at a Trainer's finge'rtips,. Ollwatcb If digital watches leave YOWl wid. Bell'Y Searche. To mark a day, lap il wiN your styltL5. MOV-"liutell' Can'l rernem ber wi'la.

Pedometer This ap! Tajp the C Butlon to reset it to zero, Pro'k. Roulette This strange minigame allows you to sketch out your OWl'll roulette wlleel. Press the [lflal1g1 e to start it spinning, and tlhe scuareto make It stoc, 'Wh'E! Rowan's PC Aness Prof.

D stain Some rare POK,em'on can never bel faught-they must be bred irom the,;r fvol'ved' forms and hatched from an Egg.

I led and Hakhtlle'llgg Ilf thE! IDnion INone Fie. Jllle Ilr,ed with a csrtaln Pokemon fur an exciting result, So. The Tlbn! Adlllg In ,ilii Acting competition. Emher, Fire Fang. Smart Add. Submission, Thund arsl1ock. Twister, Vine Whip. Wi ng Atia[k Toug: I1er e too! IReadiuslhe Underground Map. Go Deasure HuntJug. TII,e Pokelftonlllj. IThe'ir lewis will rei urn to '11 ormal a FtefWard. Ie '5tte: Jb teStffiiI opmm, - aking Friends,.

Greet TraiflfrS greet each other by exchanging Trainer cards. I,lortb,1 c: H i,ght'lotal No restrictions I Max. Itiplaye,r When you meet other players in The Underground.

Here's how [,0 make sense of it a. I Lake Veri,ty pg. I TWin1eaf Town '-1 Speak with your mom and get ill journal. U D-efeat ommamler Jupiter and N: Unlike the Hoenn region, however, which is mostly water routes, only 30 percent of Sinnoh's landscape comprises waterways.

After a short discussion, the professor and his assistant leave the lake, leaving a briefcase behind. When they are attacked by wild Starly , the protagonist and his or her rival examine the case. After defeating the Starly, Lucas or Dawn retrieves and returns the briefcase to the professor. The protagonist encounters the antagonistic team, Team Galactic, early in the game, when he or she must save Professor Rowan from some of their thugs; however, their motives are unclear until later.

After releasing the trio, the protagonist is able to access Spear Pillar, an ancient ruin atop Mt. Coronet, where the leader of Team Galactic summons Dialga or Palkia. After defeating all four members, the player will battle the Sinnoh League champion, a woman named Cynthia, who had appeared before in the game. If the protagonist beats Cynthia, he or she is the new Sinnoh League champion, beating the game.

His or her old friend, who challenged him or her to battles multiple times before, will be waiting for him or her here. The old friend will challenge the player to another battle.

On this island, there are also stores and a tournament center. Nintendo also announced that the games would make full use of the Wi-Fi capabilities of the DS, allowing 16 players to communicate wirelessly at one time.

Responding to criticism over the use of Friend Codes in the games, Ishihara explained that it was a security measure taken to ensure that players would not be able to chat with strangers over the Wi-Fi connection.

The glitches caused players to be stuck in an in-game wall or lose saved data.S tha: II It's e,a. Some rare POK,em'on can never bel faught-they must be bred irom the,;r fvol'ved' forms and hatched from an Egg.

Pal Pa. Butthis lack Qf information ,[an be usstul in Itself. Inner FoctJs. II5t BIiefwl!