to the full, as his bestselling books Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking, The Smoking Permanently, Allen Carr's Easyweigh to Lose Weight, How to Stop. This is based on /u/joshg_yz's recommendation. Here's the PDF for everyone to read. It's supposed to be the stop smoking bible. You are currently viewing the UK version of Allen Carr's Easyway website. Would you like to visit our USA website instead? us flag Yes please, take me to the.

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“where i can find free pdf of the only way to stop smoking,does anyone know? Reply from the desk of John Dicey, Worldwide Director, Allen Carr's Easyway. Many people think Allen Carr's Easyway is simply a series of tips on how to stop smoking to help smokers quit. It isn't. It's as if smokers are lost in a maze. I love Allan Carr's book. I think it is a great resource to get your head in the right space to quit. Better yet, it is now available for free on pdf.

A full, large scale randomised controlled trial into Allen Carr's Easyway is currently underway Allen Carr's book is still widely available both online and in bookstores.

You can also likely find a copy at the library. Before you can begin using the Allen Carr method, you need to obtain a copy of the book assuming you'd rather do that than attend a live seminar - use the online course.

Allen Carr Easy Way to Stop Smoking

Set a date and time to stop smoking. The first step Carr advises is to set a specific time and date to quit. You should pick a time in the near future. Mark it on your calendar as the day you will quit smoking. Carr aims to sever the relationship smokers have with nicotine by showing smokers cigarettes do nothing to enhance their enjoyment of life. Cutting back before the date you've set calls more attention to the fact you're quitting, making cigarettes seem more precious.

Understand cigarettes do nothing for you. One of the motivators Carr uses in The Easy Way to Stop Smoking is pointing out the absurdity of cigarette use itself.

The method suggests that you ignore the poor effects cigarettes have on your health, wealth, lifestyle, and self esteem and instead examine what you think the benefits of smoking are. Carr points out giving up cigarettes is essentially giving up nothing. The addiction provides no genuine pleasure. This seems hard to believe but the method explains how smokers are conned into believing the exact opposite.

The only purpose nicotine serves is to keep users addicted. You are giving up nothing and simultaneously making a tremendously positive change to your health and lifestyle.

You know this already and this is why Allen Carr says to ignore the harm cigarettes do to every organ in the body and the fact that they cause a litany of diseases including lung cancer, and reduce the overall health of the user.

Stopping smoking will dramatically and quickly reduce your risk of lung disease, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. Light your final cigarette. Once you have worked through the method Carr advises that when you light your final cigarette you make a vow you will never smoke again no matter how difficult the process of quitting becomes. Don't put off the day you plan to quit. Record what it was about your life as a smoker that made you want to quit.


It's easy to forget what it was that made you want to quit - so a reminder for the future is useful. Prepare for nicotine withdrawal. In the first days especially, your body will go through very mild feelings of withdrawal.

As long as you understand the principle of Allen Carr's method, these feelings are hardly noticeable.

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Remember that withdrawal is temporary and will pass within a few days. Also, keep in mind smokers suffer nicotine withdrawal every day of their lives. It makes them feel lousy at in situations where they cannot access cigarettes.


As you are now a non-smoker, you don't have to endure those symptoms anymore. But with Allen Carr's method these are easily avoided. These unpleasant symptoms, rather than being caused by nicotine withdrawal, are in fact, physical feelings resulting from a thought process. Of thinking "I want a cigarette" As long as you're happy not smoking - you don't have any unpleasant feelings. In fact thinking about cigarettes is pleasant rather than unpleasant.

This link shows what smokers think of as being the inevitable discomfort of nicotine withdrawal. This is the case - no matter how much or little you have smoked - regardless of the misinformation published on this issue - such as on this link. Cope with situations and stimuli that make you crave cigarettes.

Carr does not recommend avoiding the parts of life that remind you of smoking. Rather, Carr advises that you enjoy going out and doing what you normally do. You won't feel tempted to smoke at those times - whereas if you hide away from friends and social situations, then you will feel deprived of friends and company. Throughout the day, there will be times when you might be reminded that you used to smoke.

If you always had a cigarette with your morning coffee, for example, you might suddenly think about having one then.

Allen Carr’s The Only Way to Stop Smoking Permanently

If that happens it's important to remember that you've escaped from something awful and that you're happy to be free rather than think "I can't have a cigarette right now. Go out and see people. If you notice people smoking, you won't envy them - you'll have compassion for them. You are freeing yourself from an addiction and making a commitment to a healthier future.

Do not try to avoid thinking about cigarettes. If you try not to think about something -you'll think about it even more. Just make sure that you're thinking the right thing about it. Allen Carr's method makes this very easy. If you feel something that feels like a craving instead of thinking, "I can't smoke" think, "It's great I'm a non-smoker now. Understand there is no such thing as "one cigarette".

Many smokers feel overconfident after refraining from smoking for a few weeks or months. You might think it's safe to go back to smoking socially once in awhile, but this is not the case. Quitting smoking means totally severing your relationship with an addictive substance. One cigarette can quickly draw you back into the trap. Never think of one cigarette as one cigarette.

Think of it as part of a lifelong deadly habit. This is why social smokers or casual smokers tend to eventually become chain smokers. Nicotine affects the brain in many ways - the most serious being that it convinces the addict that cigarettes provide pleasure or support - when in fact - the opposite is true.

There are all sorts of studies that look at how the brain does this - but the truth is - it doesn't really matter - as long as you follow Allen Carr's method - you'll find it easy to escape. Introduction Dependence on nicotine has long been a problem and although statistics from the WHO 1 show that the prevalence of tobacco smoking is declining worldwide, there are still a significant number of people, 1.

In the UK alone in , there were 9. Consequently, many psychological and pharmacological treatments are available to help smokers quit, and although these types of intervention are undoubtedly the most cost-effective interventions available, 4 many people fail to maintain smoking cessation in the longer term. This will potentially inform future judgements about the use of this method by private and public healthcare providers.

Methods A two-arm, parallel-group, blinded i , RCT. They begin in February and will run for 8 months. Study population People who smoke tobacco cigarettes and are motivated to quit. Inclusion and exclusion criteria Participants will be eligible provided they are at least 18 years of age, are current smokers who intend to quit and are prepared to be assigned randomly to one of two treatment conditions.

Individuals who, on being asked at the point of recruitment, would prefer an NHS-provided treatment, are currently in another RCT or similar research project, disclose that they have a mental health condition, are pregnant or have a respiratory disease such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or emphysema will be excluded. Interventions ACE programme The ACE intervention involves a single group session with up to 25 attendees, led by a trained facilitator.

Participants are assisted in identifying positive expectancies they associate with smoking eg, pleasure, support, crutch or other benefits before working towards the conclusion that the belief that smoking provides these benefits is, in fact, erroneous and harmful. Participants also achieve a basic understanding of how the psychological and pharmacological mechanisms of nicotine addiction facilitate the maintenance of erroneous and problematic beliefs.

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At the end of each session, each participant is asked to make a written record of what it was about their life as a smoker that made them want to stop. This constitutes a single session of around 30 min which combines motivational interviewing and CBT, followed by four follow-up sessions.

The initial session involves informing the client about the treatment programme, assessing current smoking, readiness to quit and past quit attempts. Participants are then advised on the operation of nicotine dependence, the mechanics of withdrawal and given advice on changing routine.

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Author of the most successful self-help stop smoking method of all time, Allen Carr. The clinician will provide contact details through which these sessions can be arranged. In the first days especially, your body will go through very mild feelings of withdrawal. Show less