Chapter 7: Into the Fire. Chapter 8: Life in the Tire. Chapter 9: Living Through the Dreadful Decade. Chapter From Chief to Chief Executive. Chapter The. According to Time magazine, Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf holds "the world's most dangerous job." He has twice come within inches of assassination. IN THE LINE OF FIRE A Memoir According to Time magazine, Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf holds 'the world's most dangerous job'. He has twice come.

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In the Line of Fire by Pervez - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Find out more about In the Line of Fire by Pervez Musharraf at Simon & Schuster. Read book reviews & excerpts, watch author videos & more. In the Line of Fire: A Memoir by Pervez Musharraf. Free Press, , pp., $ Gen Pervez Musharraf: despot or redeemer? This question is pondered by.

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The Urdu edition hit the market 3 weeks after the initial publication in English. In the US edition the president appears in a salutary posture with his right hand fingers touching the forehead.

In the UK edition, the author seems in a thinking posture with his left hand fingers kept on his chin. In comparison with the US edition, the UK edition sports a crescent on the silky green background of the book.

In India[ edit ] All the copies of the English version were sold out in India during the initial stage of the launch.

The Indian distributor had ordered another copies to meet the demand, according to the news reports. Copies sold in India outnumbered the copies sold in Pakistan citing the curiosity in analyzing his viewpoints. A lot of views from India were that the curiosity of Indian readers has only added to the sales and popularity of the book. The Hindi edition, translated and printed in India, came out in early October The Hindi version was sold in India for Rs , about one third of the English version's cost.

Nagore Rumi translated the book into Tamil.

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The Tamil version is priced at Rs. It however removes the controversial comments made in the English book including that the government was paid for the capture of Taliban and al-Qaeda militants.

Bengali edition[ edit ] A Bengali translated version of the book titled as same as the English transliterated was published in Bangladesh.

In the Line of Fire (Urdu)

Criticism[ edit ] This book and its launch generated a fair amount of criticism. It was subjected to harsh reviews in India.

The book satirically outlines flaws and "untruths" by the General in his autobiography. Later during an interview to the CNN , Musharraf backtracked on some of the claims mentioned in the book.

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To a question quoting the passage from his book "Those who habitually accuse us of not doing enough in the war on terror should simply ask the CIA how much prize money it has paid to the Government of Pakistan. Ayub Khan wrote Friends, Not Masters while still in office.

Mistakes may have crept in because the editor in charge asked for rewrites to change the content and style. In his own words, By the time his regime ended, I had come to the conclusion that Bhutto was the worst thing that had ever happened to Pakistan.

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I still maintain that he did more damage to the country than anyone else, damage from which we have still not fully recovered.

Among other things he was the first to try to appease the religious right. He banned liquor and gambling and declared Friday a holiday instead of Sunday.

This was hypocrisy at its peak, because everyone knew that he did not believe in any one of these actions. Later about Zia: President Zia, in the s, completed what Bhutto had started in the dying phase of his regime- the total appeasement of the religious lobby.

Zia found it convenient to align himself with the religious right and create a supportive constituency for himself.

He started overemphasizing and overparticipating in religious rituals to show his alignment with the religious lobby. Even music and entertainment became officially taboo, whereas I am told that in private he personally enjoyed good semiclassical music.

And his humor upon hearing that Mullah Omar, the Afghan cleric leader of Taliban had escaped: In the first week of December , Mullah Omar, sensing defeat, escaped on a Honda motorcycle and went into hiding. Once when Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan asked me about the whereabouts of Mullah Omar, I told him that Omar had escaped on a Honda and added jokingly that the best advertisement for Honda would be an advertising campaign showing Mullah Omar fleeing on one of its motorcycles with his robes and a beard flowing in the wind.

Interspersed are stories of his love for an East Pakistani Bengali girl, his arranged marriage to his wife, Sehba, their long courtship, and the births of his children.

However, the General does not tell all. He keeps some of his nation's secrets just that way.

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While he mentions the secession of Pakistan's East Wing, thanks to the aid from India, he conveniently forgets the horrific violence that the Pakistani Army unleashed in on the people of the erstwhile East Pakistan. This terror that continued for months and left millions dead and homeless eventually led the Eastern part of Pakistan to secede and form a new nation, Bangladesh, in He is also silent about the proxy war being carried out in Kashmir by terrorists trained in Pakistan.

Mum is the word on how Pakistan's Intelligence Agency, the notorious Inter Services Intelligence,or ISI,that cut its teeth on training terrorists from the Soviet-US days in Afghanistan, became a mischief-monger aiding and abetting terror outfits from Kashmir to Chenchnya.

No, Pervez Musharraf keeps the bad news under wraps.It was well planned, with wide roads and boulevards. I decided to write my autobiography after Pakistan took center stage in the world's conflicts, including the war on terror.

In this context, it is important to understand the dynamics of the anti-secular rhetoric in Pakistan because extremist elements continue to attack individuals and organisations advocating secular values in the country. My father reported back to the foreign office, still located in Mohatta Palace.

In May , a violent mob destroyed Hindu temples in Larkana, Sindh. The English version of the book has left out the number of Pakistani casualties, while the Hindi version lists Pakistani casualties numbering We were on the rims now, but such cars are designed to go on their rims for thirty-five miles or so fifty or sixty kilometers.